'Romeward' bound...

Visiting Rome tomorrow. My second time. Wife and daughters are gonna love it. Two days there, then two days at a wedding about 100 or so miles from Naples, followed by ten days in Sorrento. nice one. Will be taking the Beatles book written by Geoff Emerick 'Here, There And Everywhere' and going to re-read my very old and shabby copy of Phillip Norman's 'Shout!' Fascinating stuff. 
When we return, it's gonna be intense rehearsals for the gig. really looking forward to the gig. Can't wait!
Changed my guitar strings yesterday and gave the guitar a bit of a polish. the body chemistry (for that, read 'sweat') is tarnishing all the shiny bits quite nicely. hmmm.
got some new songs in the pipeline, but 100% concentration on the setlist for the gig. As soon as that is done, we need to record a new demo and refine the new material and play it live.

Ciao for now...