Here we go again...

Well we did the trio thing for two years. It was alright. I had to work harder but hard work is my lot in life anyway.

So one night, we finished rehearsing at our regular secret location in Sarf Lundun and I decide to take a look at the noticeboard. There's a handwritten notice from a guitarist listing stuff I like, so I did the decent thing and removed it before someone else saw it and it corrupted them. You know the coup, people!

I left it about three weeks then I contacted the notice writer. I tell him that he could do worse than join us one evening and jam. He was gratious enough to come along and found that he wasn't allowed to leave!

His name is Lucas Moreira and as time passes you'll know more about him. I suppose... no, definitely!

We're sounding even better (well I'm biased)...

The Lloydster