Here we go again...

Well we did the trio thing for two years. It was alright. I had to work harder but hard work is my lot in life anyway.

So one night, we finished rehearsing at our regular secret location in Sarf…Read more

Now were we...?

Y'all must be wondering what happened to this band called Monolux.

Sometimes I wonder...

We had a cautious start, then started the gigging in earnest, then retreated, changed and are taking baby steps back again.

So looking…Read more

Further confirmation, were any needed...

that the world is completely nuts. At the weekend, a suicide bomber managed to snuff out over 130 lives, plus his own. over in Iraq; here in Britain, some random 16 year old is gunned down, murdered, in front of…Read more

Three excerpt reflections on Thailand

'Whereas London sleepwalks reluctantly in stunned silence, Bangkok jolts to life like a child who has just received a pellet gun for christmas. '                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                 - 7am, first morning in Bangkok.

'After scrambling for bags thrown off the…Read more

Sunday is LARGE!

So why is it that I have yet another cold?

Answers by email please....


Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

It's great fun to hum a choon, isn't it?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

lloydie x

You took the roof off!

Fifth gig.


What a night. Friday 20th October 2006 will stay with us a while. We were overwhelmed by the support of friends and family. We just hope that we did everyone proud.


You guys are great.

First gig heaven!


What a night (and day!)

We rehearsed on Friday night, running through the set a couple of times, then stepped away from the instruments to indulge in a contemplative tipple before heading homewards.

The day of the gig started…

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'Romeward' bound...

Visiting Rome tomorrow. My second time. Wife and daughters are gonna love it. Two days there, then two days at a wedding about 100 or so miles from Naples, followed by ten days in Sorrento. nice one. Will be taking…Read more

everyone says...

you gotta be on myspace. You just gotta!!!

OK, well... we are

and I've started to populate that site, but I love this site. It's like a precious child. Now I've got  twice the work, but I guess we'll…Read more

on the horizon...

our first gig. big news. big gig. challenge. let's do this. very well. why else do we rehearse?



What is it good for? Not Palestine. Not Lebanon. Not Israel. This world can often seem like a pile of shite...