Back in the room

 Yes. he's back in the room. 
Been psychologically absent, even missed band rehearsal Saturday. That felt weird. Had to get essay written for Monday deadline. Genre Analysis; Widdowson's Learning Purpose: restricted competence vs. Procedural Capacity. glad it's over. Academic…Read more

footie and fings...

'later with jools holland' was good on friday night. standout turn was Raul Midon, who has totally blown away the other guest in a poll on jools' page on the beeb website. i went to see raul midon performing…Read more

Robin Lawrence!!

a long time mate of mine has joined monolux as the new bassist. Well done Robin for stepping into the sizeable space left by andy hill... Onwards and upwards!


Alas! Andy Hill!

andy has just quit the band after the mother of all rehearsals and the brink of booking our first gig. me balloon burst. he has the opportunity to tour Canada with a band for six months. waddayagonnado? he goes with…Read more

quote of the day

"The UK is a place where real liberty is being removed at an exponential rate,
a country where many appear to aspire to nothing more than shuffling along to
their worthless cubicle job, holding up their Oyster card to a…Read more

mix it up sarge! or else!

 Spent the wee hrs of last night playing around with remixes of 'Loving You (through Gritted Teeth)' with DJ Sarge and Else DJ. Speeding Lloydie's voice and the like. Chipmunk Lloydie, bring it on!

Watch this space for developments!


sweeney todd and...

not a Mark III Ford Granada in sight! BBCOne tonight. ray winstone-tastic! should be elsewhere this evening, but got to work late this afternoon after having to wait for gas engineers at home. long story. not interesting.
got a great…Read more

a new year indeed

had to fly to italy to see in 2006. Had. to.
Very glad I did too.
EL vino does flow.
as i speak....or write.

but what I really want to know is....... poetry pragmatic??

seriously. Please, post your thoughts…Read more

a new year

Took on board my first really serious amount of booze over this festive period last night. I felt OK in the morning (went to bed at 4am. got up at 10:30am). just had a little indgestion. croissants for breakfast, then…Read more