march 2006

What is it with post-Christmas, company year end, endless bloody winter?
If it isn't the demands of work, then it's about doing the social (and right) thing by your family and friends. We need to work on our songs, the set, get demos out, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, write...

The good news is that there is a form of 'cunning plan' afoot. We're busy making copies of the demo to get gigs, so the original plan of gigging by March has been missed, but there's no point in playing live until we're ready.

We'll be giving the site the attention it deserves and the content it deserves as things step up.

I mean, no one has seen a picture of our drummer here, have they?

may 2006

andy hill, bassist extraordinaire has left the monoluxnest. deeply loved by us all, the kid was called away to tour Canada for sixmonths. flash git! we really wish him well. what a guy!

stop everything!! 

robin lawrence has joined monolux as bassist. Lloyd has known Robin for about 12 years and he is full of monolove! Good start, huh?