october 2005

Everything's going well with Simon, but he's still undecided on where to "land". He's looking at a number of options band-wise, but we are still in the running.

november 2005

Simon has found a band he wants to join. They're called 'The Swimmers' and are virtually on his doorstep (which is a sensible consideration). He has offered to help us record a demo which is fantastic news for us. The deadline to record is December. We just have to decide on where to do it and what our budget is. We will record "Beth", "Please Stop Crying" and "Loving You (Through Gritted Teeth). Makes for very focused rehearsals!

december 2005

The Monolux demo was recorded on December 10th in London. Much gratitude to Simon Kominsky for being our drummer until we could clear this hurdle; Allen Osborn for transport; Andy and Nick for engineering and for the loan of an Epiphone Les Paul (when the cold killed the tuning of Lloyd's Gibson Les Paul Standard); Wunjo Guitars for the half hour loan of a 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (see previous reason); Kelly Sands for the draft realisation of the EP artwork and design; Tom Del Rio for being the guardian, custodian and defender of tone and 'proper musical instruments' (you rule!!) and finally; our loved ones who have suffered from our Saturday absences and two nights of mixing and mastering.
The results will be posted on the website before Christmas.
December 17th we will be rehearsing with a new drummer called Andy. I know... Two Andys in the band. We're excited and Andy (2) is excited.
Let's see where all this excitement takes us...

December 17th. Andy Favell joined us on drums. We rehearsed a lot of the material we had put to one side whilst we were concentrating on the demo. We hit him with a lot of songs and he coped admirably. We invited him to join the band and he accepted. Let's hope that this is our settled lineup. We can then concentrate on getting ourselves ready to gig!

january 2006

Nice picture on the header from the end of Jim Knott's road! Winter wonderland? You bet. Thanks Jim.
Monolux will be back in 'work mode' on January 14th. Andy Favell (drums) will have his second ever run out with the band and we'll start to work on all the material we currently have backing up.
The plan is to be gigging by March 2006, based on the length of time between submitting demos for a gig and being booked in.
Once gig dates are decided, there will be a mail out.
Hold tight...