First gig heaven!


What a night (and day!)

We rehearsed on Friday night, running through the set a couple of times, then stepped away from the instruments to indulge in a contemplative tipple before heading homewards.

The day of the gig started out with rain, which didn't clear until we set out for the venue. When we got there (17:00), it wasn't open and they wouldn't let us in because they were 'vacuuming'. They clearly adhere to the old adage that 'cleanliness is next to Godliness...'

When we finally lugged all the gear up (yes. stairs!) and set up and started the soundcheck, Susan's snare broke (for those who do not have an instrumental bent, that is the part of a snare drum that makes it sound somewhat different to all the other drums. The snare drum normally delivers the main time keeping beat. No, it is not a device made to trap small animals when hunting...). Thank God it broke during soundcheck and not the gig. 

After running repairs, Lunatic Crash soundchecked (they are so awesome. We love them to bits!!) followed by the Never Nevers. That out of the way, all that was left was to get some food. Whoever sent up that plate of food to us, many thanks. We don't know who you are, but you're a very nice person...

Before we knew it, people started arriving, filtering in downstairs. Upstairs in the gig room, IT WAS HOT. VERY HOT. No bar staff either. Very disconcerting. After some desperate pleading, the bar was opened and the air conditioning switched on, making for a far more pleasant experience.

The Never Nevers started playing a very good set, delivering their tight pop/rock songs to a really nice, warm audience. They did experience a couple of technical difficulties, but put them to one side to really entertain everyone. We just want to say 'well done!' to them.

21:50 and Lunatic Crash get on stage. They never let a crowd down. they played a blistering set and no doubt shifted a goodly amount of cds to boot! We hope that among our friends, they have found a new fanbase. Thank you LC. You always rock and we love you deeply!

Bit scary following Lunatic Crash onstage, but you know what they say, 'in for a penny, in for a pound...'

What can I say? 

We are truly blessed. So many friends and family came to support us. Thank you. Even people I used to work with in my previous job came. Unannounced. Thank you Calvin (and friends), Ray (and best friend), Sandy (and friends). Kelly, you made it too. Thank you so much. All of us have special thank yous to send out to everyone and we will make sure that happens. To see such support from so many who said they would come is wonderful. As I said at the end of the set, without the support of our friends, we don't have a gig.

Carl, Stan, David, Sarah, Errol, Stacia, Steve, Toni, Cousin Tony, The Matanias (and friends), The Whittemores (and friend), Graham Goodwin, Allen Osbourn, Chris and Simone, Sue and Des, Lisa (and friends), Big Phil Hall, Mark Harvey. The list just goes on! I better stop before I further dissapoint those I haven't listed. I want to thank those who couldn't make it, but sent messages of support. We know you were there in spirit. Thank you Felix for your amazing footage of the gig. It was lovely to meet you and Phillipa.

"What of the actual gig?" I hear you say. Well... it started out well and ended amazingly!

It was very hot onstage and the spotlight ensured that it was very difficult to see the faces of the audience. We started out with, 'Loving You (Through Gritted Teeth)' and it felt good. We were comfortable and that was down to audience support. No technical problems. Thank you Tom for pointing out that I had left the delay pedal on when I thought I had switched it off and for handing back my plectrum after I dropped it (sweaty fingers).

'Blood Is Thicker Than Water' went over very well and did a good job at the encore.

So many people were so kind after the gig and we want to thank them and a special thanks to Tony Crisp (just accept it, Dude!), Tom Del Rio (you always deliver!), Allen and Bev (thanks for your hospitality), Cousin Tony (always there. Love you to death and elated to be Best Man for you in December), Lisa Rooke (I know you've had a rotten time lately, so to come to our gig is deep love. Thank you).

I could go on for hours. I would like to make very special thank yous to Robin ("Shiver me timbers!!" I love you mate. You just keep me so centred with your warmth, bass and karma), Susan (thank for everything you do, your level head, organisation, advice and your fantastic drumming. Love you, lady!) and me old mucker Mark (without you, musically, there's no point, mate. You are inspiration and like a brother. Thank you.)


Lloydie x

Finally thanks to my special ladies, wifey Anne and my 'babies' Carly and Nathalie. Everything I do... you make it happen