Now were we...?

Y'all must be wondering what happened to this band called Monolux.

Sometimes I wonder...

We had a cautious start, then started the gigging in earnest, then retreated, changed and are taking baby steps back again.

So looking back what were the highs and lows?

Highest high - Martin Wrigley joining the band
Highs - Turning Clive Road into our Abbey Road. Real growth in being a band and learning a bit more craft. Performing at The Clapham Grand; at Oxjam; at The Hope & Anchor and at The Comedy Pub to perfect strangers who loved what we do. Our friends still turning out for us.
Lowest low - founder member Mark Baker stepping down.
Lows - Getting ripped off by a studio owner whilst recording a new EP. Thank you Phil Hall for doing such a good job rescuing what we managed to salvage from the wreckage.

Well... we are where are and this year we'd like to record 'the album', so we need to raise the funds for that. Donations would be gratefully received in exchanged for limited edition signed copies of the album and a dedication on the album sleeve notes. Maybe we can work something out...

Looking forward to good things this year.