sweeney todd and...

not a Mark III Ford Granada in sight! BBCOne tonight. ray winstone-tastic! should be elsewhere this evening, but got to work late this afternoon after having to wait for gas engineers at home. long story. not interesting.
got a great email from jim knott with a winter landscape photographed from behind his house in the North East of England. winter wonderland. gotta post them up here.
got about five or six songs rolling around in my skull and i can't get 'em out. i'm not ready and when i'm not ready.... well.
ireally should be elsewhere tonight, but i can't justify it. i can't even watch it on the tel-lies-vision either. guilt. i'm facing humiliation. it's-only-a-game...damnit. decisions, decisions...
i want to write a song about a website i frequently lurk on. people are really twisted and i love it. so many lyrical riches. from their keyboards to my metal wires... he,he,hm? we are all miracles. did you know that?
seven minutes after midnight (why mid-night? surely it's 'end-night' and 'start-morning'?). nil-nil. no shame, no glory. it's only a game... well played mr. winstone. you can come again!

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